your_professional_reputation_webSven Hultin Area Sales Director Nordic at HCL Technologies: ”The BEST approach I have seen. Professional reputation … understanding what people around you believe are your core traits and strengths…! It’s a kick, it’s clarity and it’s extremely relevant for anyone to master. A lot of theory behind why this is important. So far this is the BEST approach I have seen to get it documented. The big, big value for you in the end is the ability to align your passion to your professional work. Seize the moment!”

Paul Holmström, Management consultant and Chairman of Bioss: ” Your way of analyzing and making personal strengths concrete is unbeatable and the story and profile of each person is unique and forceful. You do it extremely well and it has never been easier to recommend someone – I have never before been so positive.”

”All these years after Tom Peters coined the term Brand You, you are the first who have found a way to make it real”

Nilton Roeder. Vice President – Industrial Strategy and Development. Volvo Group, Brazil. ”I realized how weak it is to rely only on CV’s since its focused primarily on “past accomplishment” and “ego” promotion. Since I got to know Per’s method, I recognize the professional reputation as a powerful way into future recruitments.”


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